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With A Song In My Heart is an interactive music program performed by The City Lights Orchestra that is guaranteed to motivate, educate and inspire your audience. The program is designed to lead members of your sales, marketing or executive teams down a path toward the realization of the creative equation: Inspiration + Leadership=Success.

The program features the work of orchestra leader Rich Daniels as facilitator, conductor and soloist. It is available in configurations ranging from a full orchestra, down to an intimate quartet. With A Song In My Heart is a 45 to 60-minute-musical happening that asks participants to think and act "outside the box," as the music frees them of their inhibitions. You can expect a positive return on investment that encourages creative linear thinking, featuring a dynamic that everyone can relate
to: music.

The narrative presented by Rich Daniels that accompanies the program is customized to reflect the central themes and messages that are important to each client. We draft an outline of the presentation in advance for your approval. In this interactive approach, we ensure that the customized musical events will occur at the appropriate times during your event.

Interactive Program Presentation

A Sample Program

An entire program has an outline that typically looks something like this:

  1. Opening number
  2. Greeting and brief introduction
  3. Building the ensemble: From soloists to a team
  4. Creative Versatility: The art of improvisation. Being able to "audible" from the lineā€¦
  5. The magic of a conductor's baton. Non-verbal communication as an art form. (With an audience member)
  6. The group interactive segment with Boomwhackers tubes. (All participate)
  7. Audience Request: Increasing market share by listening to our customers
  8. Closing piece

The program is simple, but direct, and filled with music. The content is only limited by our collective and collaborative imaginations.

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Practically an institution here at the Chicago Historical Society, we thought it only appropriate that you and members of The City Lights Orchestra once again be the first thing our 1,100 plus guests experienced on their way into our 12th annual Open House. Your uplifting music set the mood for a good time to be had by all!

Ally Allman
Director of Corporate Events
The Chicago Historical Society

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