The City Lights Orchestra is capable of performing a wide variety of music for a vast range of mediums from concerts to events where dance music is the focus. Below you will find a number of recorded musical examples of our work displaying both our range and capabilities. Enjoy!

The City Lights Orchestra

Track Name Audio Sample
Live Dance Party Sampler
Sample One
(from the "Light Up The Night" CD)
Sample Two
(from "The Night Belongs To The City" CD)
Disco Inferno
Words & Music by Tyrone Kersey & Leroy Green
Vocalist: Linda Clifford
I Will Always Love You
Words & Music by Dolly Parton
Vocalist: Suzanne Palmer
We Shall Be Free
Words & Music by Garth Brooks & Stephanie Davis
Vocalist: Bruce Mattey
At Long Last Love
Words & Music by Cole Porter
Vocalist: Mark Madsen

The City Lights Orchestra

Track Name Audio Sample
AM Chicago
Composed by Rich Daniels
Orchestrated by John Kornegay
America's Working Heroes
Composed by Rich Daniels & Victoria Shaw
Baseball Time, Again
Words & Music by Rich Daniels
Vocalist: Richard Schoen
Winter Continues
Composed by Rich Daniels
Orchestrated by Christopher Lay
A Touch O' Green
Words & Music by Rich Daniels
Vocalist: John McDermott

The City Lights Quartet

Track Name Audio Sample
Pick Yourself Up!
(from the "Chicago Tonight" CD)
I've Never Been In Love Before
(from the "Chicago Tonight" CD)
Get Happy
(from the "Chicago Tonight" CD)
Cheek To Cheek
(from the "Chicago Tonight" CD)
Chicago Tonight
(from the "Chicago Tonight" CD)

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Album: Voices of Freedom

The City Lights Orchestra recently created an album project for the benefit of The City Lights Foundation.  The project is entitled VOICES OF FREEDOM and features original compositions and guest narrators speaking the words of great Americans. Excerpts can be found below.  The entire CD, as well as individual tracks, is available for puchase on ITUNES. All proceeds go directly to The City Lights Foundation, an Illinois 501c(3) charity.

Track Name Audio Sample
Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness
Narration by Jim Williams
Composed by Scott R. Jurek
Text by Rich Daniels
Ask Not
Narration by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Composed by Rich Daniels
Orchestrated by Mike Pinto
A Truman Soliloquy
Narration by Clifton Truman Daniel
Composed by Thomas Matta
Letter from a Birmingham Jail Cell
Narration by Art Hoyle
Composed by Bradley Williams
Narration by Jorge Ramirez
Composed by Christopher Lay
Ode to Joy
Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Arranged by Scott R. Jurek

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